Professional Development

Teachers, we salute you. We are humbled by you. We are here for you, ready to equip you with everything you need to take your students to the next level of imagination and creativity. You’ll find all the tools you need here to bring the magic of theatre into your classroom. Studies show that students who engage in live theatre are less likely to drop out of school, and more likely to be active and engaged in their communities. Not only that, but theatre helps build self-confidence and empathy. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

Bringing Theatre into the Classroom (BTiC)

Make every subject come alive. Join us for an engaging, fun, five-day intensive summer workshop that will teach you ways to integrate drama into your entire curriculum. First-hand involvement allows time to test ideas and build them into workable, practical units. Teachers have the opportunity to “try out” curriculum in a supportive environment and walk away with an extensive resource notebook. Teaching artists will follow-up this experience by spending five hours in your classroom during the coming year. Clock hours and university credit are available.

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2019 TAT Lab Alumni Professional Development Event

After eight years of the Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab, we are offering our third professional development workshop to further your teaching artistry. Deepen your knowledge and teaching artist practice while reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!

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Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab (TATLab)

An seven-month professional development program with a focus on supporting arts education from all artistic disciplines as part of basic education in K-12 schools.

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