Bringing Theatre into the Classroom or ‘BTiC’ is an engaging, fun, five-day professional development intensive for teachers that will equip you with the tools and skills to integrate drama into your entire curriculum. The program is open to all educators and held at Seattle Repertory Theatre July 15-19, 2019.

The program is open to all educators. Clock Hours & University Credits are available.

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Tuition: $550

  • Register before May 17th, 2019 for $50 off
  • Scholarships Available (contact us directly for more information)
  • Registration closes June 21st, 2019

“(full of) 100% honesty, kindness, focus, instruction, professionalism, fun, love, and passion!”

– 2016 participant

Sample Materials

The following are some sample workshop offerings from past years. Check back for updates on new curriculum and workshops being added to for 2019.

Sessions with Seattle Children’s Theatre brings stories and other books alive using the creative techniques of Story Drama.

Book-It Repertory Theatre’s workshops teach methods to make literature fun, physical, and active for students. Teachers learn how to take literature from page to stage using the Book-It Style, which encourages an active relationship with a book through voice, body, and imagination.

Pacific Northwest Ballet workshops focus on creative movement, student-led choreography, and arts integration. Lessons invite teachers to imagine possibilities while giving concrete tools for teaching dance in the classroom. Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of each session, exploring new ways to imagine curriculum using movement.


“It was very well designed to make good use of our time, give us choice about what we wanted to do, and it provided tools and ideas that are useful to me to apply right away. I love that there is follow up. I love that it was designed for everyone to feel successful and comfortable, yet challenged” – 2017 Participant 

“Here, I can take risks. I have done things here, try new things that I would never do at another training and I am never disappointed. I am always glad I did that. This class opens the door to something unexpected. I have been here 5 years and I think it’s something I have done but it always new, it’s always different. I have taken several classes before and it’s always totally different. I took Shakespeare on your Feet last year and there was a whole new dynamic that I got out of it. I am a better and joyous teacher because of these classes. I enjoy it more”  – 2015 participant

“This is a permanent game changer for my entire curriculum, which I build myself. Being able to incorporate all these elements into what I am creating and my classroom has been unbelievably helpful” – 2015 participant


Faculty Members

Shannon Barnes

Ariel Bradler

Nicole Brewer 

Ann Marie Caldwell

Annie DiMartino

Maddie Napel

Annie Penta

Gavin Reub

Nicole Suyama

Partner Organizations

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BTiC Course Objectives

  • Develop and enhance performing arts teaching practices to increase student engagement and learning
  • Enhance your ability to foster 21st Century Skills in your students
  • Align curriculum with Washington State standards for arts integration and care arts subjects, specifically dance and theatre
  • Learn assessment strategies for arts learning
  • Receive easy-to-use lesson plans and exercises and get support for writing and implementing theatre and dance curriculum in you classroom

How it Works

Throughout the summer intensive week, BTiC provides workshops designed to give you a wide variety of techniques for teaching theatre within a variety of classroom settings and for a variety of subjects. You will receive a Resource Notebook of detailed, easy-to-follow Learning Plans from ALL BTiC workshops throughout the week. BTiC Learning Plans demonstrate alignment with Common Core State Standards in several content areas; as well as 21st Century Skills. We will also support teachers in becoming familiar and comfortable with the purpose and language of the new State Arts Standards; all of our Learning Plans are designed to help students reach these standards in theatre and can be used to augment other discipline areas.

Follow-up Consultation

After the summer intensive, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a follow-up consultation during the school year. Whenever possible, a BTiC Faculty member will travel to your school to work with you as a collaborator, coach and co-teacher, to integrate lessons learned during the summer workshop into practical lesson plans for your classroom.

The follow-up may include some or all of these components:

  • Planning and classroom observations: Meetings between teacher and BTiC faculty teaching artist (TA) to identify goals, lesson plans, and dates; TA classroom observation prior to beginning to get a sense for the classroom culture, management, space, and teaching style
  • Contact hours: Time the TA is working in the classroom with the teacher and students. This can include co-teaching, modeling, coaching, and/or observation with feedback
  • Assessment: Reflection on student learning and teacher practice, focused on formative assessment using checklists aligned to lesson plan learning objectives
  • Debrief: Final meeting between teacher and TA to assess overall experience and plan for future integration opportunities.

Over the past 10 years, we have provided over 200 consultations for teachers across the state. The consultation component has been beneficial in helping BTiC participants provide quality arts-infused education in their classroom. There is no additional charge for follow-up consultation.